Keller Mortgage

Consumer SAVINGS

Our Deal: KW agents and consumers benefit most by saving the consumer thousands with the ZeroPlus Loan. We eliminate traditional costs and pass the savings directly to the consumer, at the same low rate!

Consumer first: Traditional lenders pay real estate agents and real estate companies through “Marketing Agreements”, “Joint Ventures” or “Lead Purchase Programs”. We don’t, because KW agents benefit most when the consumer saves.

Innovative Models: Traditional lenders charge more to cover the costs of local offices and expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. By eliminating those costs, we maximize consumer’s savings, on each transaction.

Higher Volume: We do more loans than traditional lenders so consumers get a better deal!

Keller Mortgage was designed to save consumers thousands of dollars on their real estate transaction by being the innovative solution to the traditional mortgage.


Industry leading technology: Use the KW consumer app to seamlessly connect your data to your transaction, simplifying the process and communication for the agent and consumer. KW agents can get consumers started by sharing their branded app.

Better Professionals: Our Loan Officers are experienced and more productive. Averaging 9+ years in the industry and 20+ loans per month (Traditional industry average is 2.4 loans per month). Ask our Loan Officers about our 5 star ratings from agents and consumers.

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